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* Context: medical research centers need prescreening patients

We had the opportunity to create a platform that would allow medical centers to design sign-in pages with complex prescreening forms.
Building complex forms was a significant challenge for us. The marketing team wanted patients to be asked questions. So we developed a platform that allowed centers to design sign-in pages with complex forms for pre-screening.

Conditional logic forms

Patients had to answer follow-up questions related to the questions they had previously answered. Predefined questions were not an option because each patient has unique needs and a specific medical history. Therefore, the forms needed to be complex, logical, and multi-step. A unique system was required to create the questions to be customizable and flexible.

Our challenge was to create a visually appealing landing page with a clean interface without distractions tailored to facilitate management by the marketing team.

We had to consider that the marketing team is used to working with WordPress or Webflow. Therefore, we had to develop a clean, simple, and efficient design. We developed an area that allows the leading organization to monitor the activities related to the use of the software. Users can add blocks on a white canvas. With these content blocks, users can edit text, simplify the editor, resize, and make things stand out more. These blocks can be used to add actual forms, add field types, and create more fields. The forms must be flexible and include logical steps and limited question styles. All of this information is stored in the patient's dashboard—all this to reduce the frequency of errors.
This experience has enriched us as designers and developers. Working on this project was challenging because we had to keep everything simple regarding design and development while meeting the client's requirements. Simplicity was crucial to enable the easy creation of forms and landing pages.
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