Creating a Resource Hub platform

Using the Prismic CMS

Once upon a time, there was a company that specialized in providing web development services: Quo Agency, Inc.

One day, they received a request from a fantastic tax assistance provider. That company was looking for developers who could work with Prismic, a content management system, to improve and grow their website.

The website was already connected to Prismic, which made things easier for Quo Agency.

In addition, they had previous experience with this platform, so they knew it would be an excellent opportunity for them to showcase their skills.

The main task was to create a Resource Hub for the Tax Assistance Provider company

Such a hub would include webinars, articles, blogs, tax calculators, and links to their YouTube channel videos.

In their latest assignments, Quo Agency upgraded the website pricing tables and mobile version. They made it responsive for different devices.

They worked tirelessly to ensure that all changes were made with care and meticulousness. They also optimized the website tax calculator for a better user experience.

Quo Agency faced challenges while working on the website, but their front-end and back-end developers were up for the task.

At the end of the project, they were proud of their accomplishment and grateful for the opportunity to work with their client. They also appreciated the kindness and trust that the client's team showed in their work.

In the end, the developer company and client lived happily ever after.

The website continued to grow and attract more users with its improved features and user-friendly design.
Credits to the brains behind the project development
María S.
Front-end & back-end dev
Carlos B.
Project & QA manager
Daniela C.
Webflow developer
Nayeli V.
Webflow developer
Talents behind this presentation
Diana M.
Creative writer
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