Mac Mini Landing Page

Webflow Recreation

Hero thumbnail of a Webflow Design interface with the build of a Mac Mini landing page
In 2021, Quo Agency was tasked with updating the user interfaces of several Apple product pages. These pages were known for their fancy animations and features, which made them challenging to recreate. We used a special tool to create smooth, fluid animations that would engage users as they scrolled through the pages.
Our interactive tabs, built using Webflow's native tab functionality, allow for effortless image switching. With a seamless integration, users can easily navigate between different laptop screen images by clicking on the corresponding tab.
Mac Mini landing page screen showcasing the section on which there are interactive tabs
Our team ensured compatibility across devices and optimized performance, resulting in a user-friendly interface that enhances engagement. By leveraging the power of Webflow, we deliver a streamlined and captivating browsing experience.
Mac Mini landing page built in Webflow showing the Webflow controllers for tabs
With our Webflow implementation, we have brought the Mac Mini page to life, enabling users to effortlessly explore the product's features and benefits.
Mac Mini landing page shoot showcasing the interface of the 8 cores CPU
By employing flexible grids, fluid images, and scalable typography, we deliver a seamless and visually appealing experience for mobile users. We also replicated Apple's mobile implementation for the footer, which focuses on delivering a simplified and intuitive navigation system with dropdown categories.
Mac Mini landing on Mobile showcasing how the top nav menu is opened with a tap on the burger icon
Mac Mini landing on Mobile showcasing how to tap to browse between tabs
Mac Mini landing on Mobile showcasing the footer menu

Finally, Apple has mastered the art of utilizing video background sections on their landing pages to create captivating and immersive user experiences. We have used Webflow background video to serve the same powerful visual storytelling that engages visitors and effectively communicates the essence of their products and services.
Shoot on the Apple Mac Mini landing page showcasing a section with a background video that was replicated using Webflow
Credits to the brains behind the project development
Developer at Quo Agency: Daniela
Webflow developer
Developer at Quo Agency: Nayeli
Webflow developer
Developer at Quo Agency
Webflow developer
Talents behind this presentation
Writer and designer at Quo Agency: Nayeli
Writer and Designer
Writer and designer at Quo Agency: Daniela
Writer and Designer
Collaborator at Quo Agency
Curator & QA
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