Customized integration between

DEAR Inventory and BigCommence

Some background information: Raw Revelations is a small family business that helps people live healthier lives with superfoods that do not contain additives, fillers, harsh solvents or pesticide residue.

What was done: an API integration for BigCommerce & DEAR

Inventory management:

An API was developed to integrate the BigCommerce and DEAR Inventory platforms.

Customized integration between DEAR Inventory and BigCommerce:

First, a function was developed that is called every time a new order is created in BigCommerce. The data is formatted in the DEAR Inventory platform format as the new order is registered in the latter platform.

Synchronization of inventories:

Secondly, a function was developed to synchronize the inventory of DEAR Inventory with the BigCommerce platform. This function is called via a DEAR Inventory webhook every time the inventory is changed, either for a new order or for new revenue. This feature automatically updates store inventory in BigCommerce.

How the experience enriched Quo as an agency:

In this project we had the opportunity to work with two new platforms: BigCommerce and DEAR Inventory. We researched the APIs of both platforms and were able to configure the automation and integration of both platforms, which was an invaluable experience. Originally the idea was to generate receipts, but the project evolved into synchronizing both inventories with the specificity that BigCommerce inventories have fewer units than DEAR Inventory inventories for optimal handling of their goods. The Raw Revelations team has always been very patient, kind, and helpful through clear communication. We could not be more pleased with the results.
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