Developing a website with customizable sections

using Prismic slices

Some background information: ComplYant is a service company for small businesses and entrepreneurs.They provide tax assistance to those who need it.

What was done: integrating Prismic as the CMS

This project was developed with Full Stack technology, with an integration of Prismic as CMS, in which the user can easily create pages and manage the content using the different available sections, such as a text with image section, a video section or a grid of events, among others.

Each section or slice has elements that can be customized by the user, such as colors, texts or the position of the elements, letting them create pages quickly and in a unique style. They can also reuse the slices on the different pages of the site, keeping the same style without having a default template for the entire site.

The use of Prismic Slices is very versatile and allows each member of the organization to update the information related to his area, without affecting the work of the others.

How the experience enriched Quo as an agency:

One of the greatest things about working with ComplYant has been the ability to come up with creative solutions when expanding the functionality of Prismic CMS and its slices. In this case, we worked on making their site and platform as customized as possible, specifically by extending their Resource Hub (blogs and webinars, among other customizations). Thanks to our collaboration with ComplYant, we were able to expand our knowledge of Prismic by exploring its capabilities, especially the headless CMS in order to customize their needs.
Credits to the brains behind the project development
María Salas
Webflow developer
Carlos Briceño
Project manager
Talents behind this presentation
Diana Morales
Video frame
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