Working on a customized template for a

Shopify's Store

Some background information: Our client is a Harlem, NY based beverage company that specializes in developing and bringing to market traditional African beverages.

What was done: a very custom Shopify template

Shopify provides several themes for its users. However , our client wanted a fully custom theme designed by their staff.

For the CMS integration, a theme with Liquid language was implemented, integrating the editing functions for each element on the website. As for the layout and styles of the theme, the Tailwind Css framework was used.

For the general structure of the website, the latest Shopify update was used with the integration of sections in JSON format templates in the different pages of the website, where the user can easily create new pages using the already existing pages.

How the experience enriched Quo as an agency:

This project was the first time we worked on a fully customized template with Shopify's Online Store 2.0 and with the experience we learned quite a lot. We implemented everything from scratch from a design provided to us to work directly in Shopify. It should be noted that we worked with great design, content and photography. It is also important to mention that the interface has evolved as we have worked on it. The team at our client helped us update their website. This allowed us to work on integrations with a third-party app called ReCharge, all based on a custom design. Thanks to the joint work with the client team, we were able to create a great website.
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