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Website, eCommerce, and apps.

This is our branch of services relating to everything websites, landing pages, eCommerce sites, web apps, mobile apps, and overall development.

UI UX design

Research, user flow strategy, information architecture, and actual interface and experience design.

Front and backend development

In no particular order: PHP, Js, Squary, Lavarel, Vue, Angular, React, Node, Bootstrap, MongoDB, Gatsby, and Swift.

CMS integration

Our specialties are Webflow, Hubspot, and headless CMS systems: Prismic, Sanity, and Strapi.


Shopify (and Shopify Plus, its headless version), BigCommerce (and also its headless version), Foxy Cart, and Webflow.

Artwork and creatives

This is our branch of business services that relates to everything designers, illustrators, animators, and copywriters do to create marketing materials.

UI animation

This is a nice way to visually explain what a determined user interface does in around 10 seconds of animated video. We use Figma, Cavalry, and Adobe.


Our watercolor illustrator uses Procreate software for pastel-colored paintings, ideal for gifts and marketing visuals.

Frame-by-frame animation

We use Procreate to create motion graphics with a frame-by-frame style, which is perfect for incorporating b-roll footage in explainer videos.

Ad creatives

We can do plain images, photography montages, abstract artwork, or video ads.

Motion graphics

Logo animations, infographics for explainer videos, animated GIFs, and broll for explainer videos.

Pitch decks

Canva or Slides are great for presentation design. We can record a draft of your presentation and use that to create the final product.


We create logos and maintain collaborative brand assets libraries, and branding strategies to ensure a standardized and continuous design workflow.

Video explainers

Discovery, scriptwriting, storyboarding, animation, recording, and post-production.

Web optimization and maintenance

Once a web or app project is completed, a few ongoing activities are typically necessary. These include optimization to make potential important improvements, maintenance, and recurrent audits to ensure everything works correctly, as it is natural for things to break apart, and content management to create new content or pages as marketing campaigns may require it.

Periodical audits

It is common for websites to experience issues, whether due to changes in browser technology or pages being removed and links needing to be updated. By conducting regular audits, we can identify any potential errors and promptly address them. This ensures that the sites or apps are always functioning at their best, giving you peace of mind.

Landings creation

When it comes to SEO or ads campaigns, landing pages play a crucial role in both acquiring customers and raising brand awareness. We can assist with continuously creating these landing pages.

AB testing

Website pages or even apps users flows can always be improved. We can do systematic experimentation to test the hypothesis of improvement with tools such as Google Optimize or Hubspot.

Content management

Ongoing updates are necessary on websites and apps. We can help perform them with efficiency.

Marketing collaterals

Our company assists marketing teams by creating the necessary assets to support their marketing strategies. This includes printed materials, hero content assets, and emails. We aim to save their time and make their job easier.

Print advertising assets

Posters, flyers, magazines, banners, signs, and other printed materials for conventions or events.

Corporate gifts

We create heartfelt artwork for mugs, bags, cards, decor assets, or any other forms of physical assets that can be used for customer engagement campaigns.

Trade show design

We design artwork for booths, kiosks, and stands for conventions, as well as 3D renders to preview them.

eBooks and white papers

We can record talks with you, curate the recorded content, structure it, and design eBooks based on it. This workflow makes it efficient to actually create ebooks with technical content that typically only CEOs or Directors can provide.

Remote video production

We can help you efficiently produce podcasts, webinars, headtalks, interviews, testimonials, and ads. We work remotely as your production crew, ensuring high-quality end products. Because let's face it: producing media materials is time-consuming, and you require to be the talent, director, camera person, audio person, producer, color grading person, and editor. We have a workflow that cuts all of that and only requires you to sit and record. We will take care of the rest. 



Our innovative workflows allow us to optimize every recording session for maximum efficiency. For example, we can assist with recording Q&As on technical topics and produce a variety of output formats, including long-form videos, short social media clips, audio excerpts, SEO-friendly website transcriptions, written articles, and eBooks. All of these assets are created using the content from the recorded sessions, so you can get the most out of your time and effort.

Long and short format video

Podcasts, webinars, head talks, interviews, testimonials, video explainers, tutorials, conversations, QAs, and video reviews.

Equipment advise

We can help you choose the right equipment and provide personalized guidance for setup, including lighting, camera, audio, composition, and storage.

Pre-production workflows

Performing color grading before recording can save time in post-production for longer video projects. We'll upload a LUT onto recording hardware to improve quality and efficiency.

Remote crew

During your recordings, we'll be virtually present to assist you and survey all technical matters. This will give you peace of mind so that you can focus on the content of the video.

Camera to cloud approach

We have a camera-to-cloud approach, which enables prompt editing as soon as the recording session concludes. This way, you can get back to work immediately after recording, while we take care of the rest.

Podcasts editing

We have the ability to edit long-format videos, like podcasts, shortly after the recording session, complete with captions and multiple camera angles. Our editing software of preference is Descript, Davinci Resolve, and FCPX.

Audio Production

We can handle all your audio needs for any type of production, whether it's a podcast or an advertisement. This includes equalizing voices, adding/creating background music, and incorporating sound effects.

Color grading

At our studio, we utilize Davinci Resolve for color-grading LOG footage. This process is crucial in achieving a cohesive look throughout a film or video, setting a particular mood or ambiance, and directing focus to specific elements.


Uploading long-format videos to YouTube, Wistia, or Vimeo requires separate caption files to be included alongside the video. On the other hand, short format videos meant for social media require baked captions. We can assist with both types of captions.

Extracting short videos

Long-format videos can allow us to extract short experts that can be used for many other purposes, such as social media posts. We will generate them from long videos.

Product photography and video

Having professional photography and video is crucial for products that are being sold on an eCommerce store or promoted on social media. This process involves taking pictures of the product on its own and showcasing its colors accurately. We are here to assist you with this type of service. Products can be sent to our offices in NY. 

Product photos and videos

We handle composition, lighting, props, backgrounds, and shooting for small products. We use the best mirrorless cameras (Lumix, Fujifilm) for photos and cinema gear (BlackMagic, Lumix, Zcam) for video.

Photos retouching

We enhance product photos by removing blemishes, improving lighting, and ensuring accurate color representation using color accurate monitors.

Video color grading

We process LOG footage to highlight the product features, setting a consistent look throughout the entire line of products and guaranteeing color accuracy.

Packaging artwork design

Packaging is complex: aside from the visual appeal, one has to ensure to remain compliant with the manufacturer's specifications and government requirements. We can help with it. 

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