A custom payment system and automations API

Using FoxyCart

Some background information: Outdoor Pregame sells outdoor products directly to customers to prepare themselves for upcoming hunting seasons with easy and affordable access to new and innovative equipment.

What was done: validation of data, products and discounts

One of the projects we worked on was to use Webflow to integrate with Foxy for e-commerce features to have a custom payment system.

Webflow is a platform for developing e-commerce in a simple way for virtual stores, and Foxy is a platform that provides extensive options for the payment system such as user management, various payment gateways, among others.

A script using the Javascript programming language was developed to manage the shopping cart in Webflow. Once the purchase is completed, the user is redirected to the checkout in Foxy to complete the payment.

An API was developed in the PHP programming language and Laravel framework to manage the validation of customer data, products and discount coupons sent to Foxy for checkout.

The checkout in Foxy was developed in a custom way following the guidelines of the theme and the styles in the Webflow store. Foxy also manages the discount codes offered to the end users and tracks the number of uses, among other important information.

For this integration, the Member Stack and Zapier platforms were also used to create an ecosystem that allows users to easily access the records of all their purchases and to track their orders.

How the experience enriched Quo as an agency:

This project was challenging from the start, as the Outdoor Pregame team were also in the process of understanding their business model. This project taught us to explore the possibilities of e-commerce in Webflow using Foxy and to use third-party providers such as Memberstack (member's section ) and Zapier (business process automation). We also developed a custom API for automating processes which could fit their business model: a twenty-dollar payment at the beginning of the order and then a full payment once the order is shipped. We are proud and grateful for this opportunity, as the Outdoor Pregame team was in constant communication with us and has always helped us when necessary.
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